Thursday, May 13

Circus Freak

"When Two Worlds Collide"

Revealing my TRUE FORM. haha.. So last week I won 100$ for H&M off of Twitter! Yeah, that's right! crazy huh? So when I advetured off to toronto I nearly had a heart attack when I spotted this master piece of pie. I am so happy. I don't give two shits if someone gives me a dirty look for wearing this. My inspiration comes from my dreams and at heart I'll always be me, a circus freak.

p.s if you can tell that I'm really bitchy in this post it is because I've worked 3 days non stop and I desperately NEED A NAP! I'm sorry.. I'll be sure to be having a good dream!


  1. nice tights, it look good on you, i never dare to wear a tights in public, but i guess i will you inspired me.

  2. awe! im glad i've inspired you! & thank you :)

  3. ur tights Bobby ur tights!! Love it..
    and also love ur sweater!!

  4. great sweater!

    please check out my blog!

  5. this leggins are insane.

  6. great pics and great blog! ;)

  7. i love your sweater & your blog, i'm definitely going to follow :) thanks for the feedback on mine!

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