Friday, April 23

The New Door

“Will I live dreamland, or will I dream dreamland.”

A new door is like a new dream. It will open new opportunities in your life. That is why you must live life to the fullest and always try to be the best that you can be. I named this blog the new door because it represents all the new opportunities in life. Doors can be all shapes and sizes. Welcoming or unwelcoming, locked, or a door with baked goods behind them. You never know what your future door has in store. I’m really sad to say, I didn’t in the trip to Spain. I was really dreaming a vacation to Barcelona but in the end it wasn’t meant to be. My photo made it in the top 3 and I want to thank everyone who has been good to me as I know good things will come to you. This is probably the one time that I’ll be airing my dirty laundry as you all know I only like talking about positive things in life. So let’s get back to the new doors! I am wishing the best to everyone, and if you are reading this I hope you feel that fate will bring you good things as I pray for you. & Keep on smiling! because you know I’ll be smiling right back.


  1. Bobby Love ur New Look..
    and Congratz fo ur school..
    u will live dreamland Bobby..
    here's my favie Quote from "View from the Top" movie >>

    "Don't Stop until u get the Top"

    it means until u get all of ur dreams and pray fo it all.. Go get it Bobby!!

    and Yess love always think positively..
    through good things or bad things it will take u to the goodness things.. Remember Bobby Love, He knows what the best things fo ur life ;o)

    yyaayy! Keep on smiling Bobby....
    Love ya'


    Glory Anastasia


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