Wednesday, May 31

Experience Xenses

During my trip to Cancun it was so nice to visit the Xenses park once again. I had first visited the park when it had first opened and so it's been great to see some more updates and new installations. As someone who admires and appreciates art, there is an abundance of unique and creative detail that it's hard to absorb everything in at once. There are so many little details around every corner of the park which really makes you use your brain to take in the concept. It's a great balance of being adventurous and admiring art all in one place. Some attractions include a zip-line inspired by in flight of a bird, a water slide, a relaxing river, and a mud river. The Xensatorium takes you through a journey while walking through distinctive environments such as a  desert, mountain, forest, jungle and cave. While being restricted from seeing during this adventure it allows all of your other senses to be heightened. It was really different to let my nose figure out where I was and using my hands while feeling the textures to guide me through the journey. What I liked most was noticing the progressive shift between each place and it's temperature change. If you are planning on going to Cancun, or the  Riviera Maya I really recommend seeing this park because there is nothing like it. If you want to know more about the other attractions they have you can check it out on their website. Thanks for stopping by! More adventures in Cancun will be posted soon! Till next time! -Bobby

Sunday, May 14

Sporty to Casual

One of my favourite products that I've been using lately are the latest Q16 soundPEATS wireless earbuds which I've been syncing through bluetooth on my phone. I've been into making monthly playlists that keep me inspired and motivated, especially for on my way to the gym and during my workouts. These earbuds are ideal for anyone and especially for someone with an active lifestyle. The most annoying thing about wearing headphones at the gym is when they get caught on the equipment and tear right out of your ears, and in a recent situation I even broke a pair that way. While being at the gym you need the most of your range of motion and with these headphones they give you the freedom to preform and not feel restricted during your routine. Although I was quite skeptical about trying wireless earbuds, I was really impressed by the bluetooth connection and how stable they were even from a distance from my phone. The overall design are quite comfortable and very easy to use. I was thinking it would also be a good idea to share the earbuds(separating the earbuds and each putting one in our ears) with a friend or gym partner. You can get your SoundPEATS on amazon.

My second outfit after leaving the gym is inspired by the Bonobos website. Their idea of Spring includes bright colours and lighter layers. I've been wearing my bright peach tank top and pink button up with some of my favourite pants. It's still been a bit chilly some days and so it's all about rocking the right pants while keeping it light and breezy. Check out their men's clothing for some inspiration for your own look. I also love this awesome flamingo shirt on their website which would have been perfect for my trip to Mexico in a few days. Speaking of, I should really start packing! Till next time and thanks for stopping by! -Bobby

Thursday, May 11

Cherry Blossom Spring Editorial

Cherry Blossom Spring Editorial
Model: Michele
Stylist: Colton Sawh
Location: High Park, Toronto
Outfit Details
Watch: Knut Gadd
White Shirt: Zara
Shorts: Bluenotes
Shoes: GuidoMaggi
Floral embroidered dress: H&M

Monday, May 8

Vine Vera Men's Collection

It can be a bit of a struggle waking up early on a Monday for some of us. That's why I say Monday's are for masking. And when it comes to looking good and feeling fresh, skincare has been at the top of my priority list. We all deserve to treat ourselves once in a while to a nice mask! I've been trying out the Vine Vera Men's collection packed full of antioxidants from resveratrol, which is found in the skin of red grapes. What makes the Resveratrol Men's Sauna Energizing Mask quite unique is that is has a heating effect when mixed with water and applied to the skin. Formulated using the most luxurious ingredients such as Resveratrol Ferment extract, vitamins A (Retinyl Palmitate), C (Ascorbic Acid) & E (Tocopheryl Acetate) derivatives, along with Aloe extract. You can also use the Resveratrol Men’s Sauna Serum in combination with mask he help enhance the heating effect and to achieve greater results. Taking care of your skin now means wrinkle-free skin later on. And with this mask will help you achieve a radiant, fresh and youthful looking skin. This post is in sponsorship with Vine Vera as they asked me to try out some of their products. I really enjoyed the experience when using them and they left my skin feeling healthier looking. I'll be sure to follow up with these products while including them into my skincare routine. I plan on taking them on vacation with me next week and treating myself to a nice relaxing mask in the hotel room. This post was supported by Shopping Links

Wednesday, May 3

The coast closest to you

Lately I've been using my newest backpack from Bubba Bags which is designed for an on-the-go lifestyle.  It's quite light weight, and I like that it's also practical with a minima design. During this Spring and it's unpredictable rainy days this bag has been quite a lifesaver while being made with water resistant polyester material, especially when carrying my laptop in it's sleeve. Incase you were wanting to get one for yourself you're welcome to use a discount code I created which will give you 20% off when using the code: 20TACOS at check out. I also styled my hair with the new Meraki by BluMaan and it has been one of the best styling products I've used for my hair. It gives me total control with a matte finish which is exactly the look I've been going for. I'm also wearing a pair of shoes from the new Spring collection over at GUESS. I love the new Jence style as they are quite sophisticated and they can be both dressed up and down depending on the rest of your outfit. You'll be sure to see a lot more ways to style these items as they've quickly become some of my favourites this season. Thanks for stopping by! Till next time! -Bobby

Monday, May 1

Pink Summer

This summer it's all about soft pinks and more neutral hues. Especially as warmer weather is around the corner there has been a lot of flamingos popping up everywhere I shop. A pocket flamingo is the cutest settle little detail to an essential summer tee. Styled with a pair of slim stretch dusty rose shorts that I'm looking forward to wearing all summer long. Also inspired by the #plantsonpink aesthetic I threw on a tropical and floral printed hat. Nothing goes better than green and pink! These Zoo York meshed black shoes are like walking on a cloud. I've been mostly wearing them at the gym because they are light and want to keep them in minty. If you are interested in any pieces seen in this blog post (including the ones on my rack) you can shop for my entire outfit over at Bluenotes. Now I can't wait to go to the beach. I better start packing soon because in two weeks I'll be going to Cancun! I just need some tacos & tequila and I'm good. Thanks for stopping by!! Stay fresh and don't forget to wear sunscreen!